Writter and Director
Feature Film: 82 Min



Lonely and isolated in Australia, Simon, a middle agedman travels to Cambodia searching for love. Once there,Simon begins a fragile self exploration as he is confrontedby his sexual desire against his need for love.


Richard Stables
Vichika Loek
Lloyd Price
Amber Field
George Thompson


Written and Directed by Greg Blakey
Produced by Jan-Philipp Jarke
Executive Producers Lizzette Atkins & Dean O’Flaherty
Co Director Maurice Taube
Co-Producer PC Nackt
Associate Producer Karsten Matern& Douglas Brooke
EditorsJanine Dauterich & Kai Minierski
Director of Photography Greg Blakey & Andrew Ferguson
Music Composer Marten RuxBen LauberPC Nackt


Feature Film: 80 Min


HANNA LEESS : My God knows how to cry

Music Video



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Greg Blakey (Melbourne, Australia) is an award winning filmmaker and artist working across photo, media art and film. Through a radically diverse approach that is nevertheless inscribed in the contemporary socio-political debate, Blakey uses social references and concepts that are uniquely integrated into the composition of the work. Freelancing as a commercial filmmaker for over ten years, Blakey’s socially referential works demonstrate and highlight the universal lingering of a changing world. In this way, Blakey works at the intersection of art, cinematography and academia.

His debut film Wedgetail demonstrate how life extends beyond its own subjective limits and often tells a story about the affects of internal struggle and existential unrest. Blakey has appeared in the international film circuits including the New York City International Film Festival among others. Blakey is in post-production for his feature length film Wedgetail,in collaboration with Jan-Philip Jarke and Maurice Taube.

Greg Blakey is currently based in Berlin, Germany.

(2015) Figaros wölfe (DOP)

(2014) Battle Island Crete (DOP)

(2013) Awake and Chosen- Photo & Video Exhibition

(2012) Let her sing - Short Film

(2012) Flowerdale- Video Art

(2012) 1000 Dollar Doubt - Short Film

(2011) Passing - Video Art

(2011) Rory - Short Film

(2009) Sacha - Solo Photographic Exhibition